Honolulu Firefighters Honor Brave Individuals

HONOLULU (KHNL)- There are "Random Acts of Kindness."

And then, there those split-second decisions, and actions, that lead to saving of peoples lives.

The Honolulu Fire Department, presented its semi-annual awards of commendation, earlier today.

Wearing lei -- and honored by Fire Chief Ken Silva, himself, these men and women -- both fire fighters, and civilians, posed with their certificates of commendation.

Some of these heroes are "high profile" -- like the group who pulled a man from truck, while it sank in the bacteria infested Ala Wai Canal.

''It's pretty heavy. It changes your life and makes you think what you can do for other people,"Blake Harrison, Good Samaritan.

Virginia Tech Senior, Blake Harrison, returned home to accept his award.

Now, it's back to the books.

Chief Silva, handed out 24 certificates.

But he only awarded -- six -- Bronze Medals of Valor.

One -- to Battalion Chief, Edward Hunter -- who burst his way into a burning building to pull-out the disabled person inside.

And then -- he put-out the fire.

The remaining five belong these men -- fire fighters who muscled their way into a Salt Lake Home, during january of last year -- and saved the senior couple trapped by the flames.

''On behalf of this crew, this is a great honor. However, this honor goes to all the men and women of the Honolulu Fire Department who risk their lives, day in and day out. It just so happens that this incident turned out to be on the positive side. Again, it is nice to receive. But, is our job that we chose," Harrison.

Above and beyond the call -- even by fire fighter standards.

Now that's sayin' something.