Sixty Acres Burned in Nanakuli

Honolulu (KHNL) - It took crews much of the evening to contain the flames that crept up a ridge in Nanakuli.

Luckily no one was injured and no homes were immediately threatened.

The fire has burned approximately 60 acres but is contained. The fire was located between Lualualei Naval Road and Helelua Street in Nanakuli.

The fire broke out at around 4 in the afternoon. Fire crews were called on the scene and found the fire burning in a vacant lot.

"Fortunately we had a break with the drainage ditch running along side of the property, that helped us control the fire and keep it from getting to the homes," said Honolulu Fire Department Captain Robert Main.

Firefighters say wind was a factor in trying containing the fire but arid conditions are what concerned them the most.

"It was a bit breezy but, mostly it was just dry brush conditions that really drove this fire to accelerate the way it did," said Captian Robert Main.

Some residents in the area complained of heavy smoke coming close to their homes.

"It was dying out but when the winds started picking up downtown just had it and it was crazy, just a lot of smoke and people coughing and crying a little bit cause smoke was getting in their eyes," said Nankuli Resident Jacob Kahele.

It's fires like this one, that fire officials hope will serve as a wake up call to those living in drier parts of the island to inspect their area for things that could easily go up in flames.

"This is probably a prime example for most of us property owners with large lots maybe help keep the area cleared out, make sure you keep your lots maintained this is a matter of a bit of over growth that helped to contribute to this fires speed and the ferocity of the fire," said Captian Robert Main.