Warriors 18th in Season's First BCS Poll

Coach June Jones
Coach June Jones
Adam Leonard
Adam Leonard

Honolulu (KHNL) - The Warrior football team's main goal this season -- win the WAC Championship.

But the ultimate goal -- win every game, and hopefully enjoy the spoils that come with that success -- a bowl game within the Bowl Championship Series, or BCS.

So far, not so good. In the first BCS rankings, released Sunday, Hawaii, ranked 18th.

They need to be in the top-12 to be guaranteed a spot in one of the BCS bowls. But the Warriors aren't concerned..

The Warriors come from behind victory on Friday night, on national television, showed the country what they're made of. But it did little in the BCS standings, putting Hawaii at 18.

"I don't pay much attention to those til the end," said head coach June Jones. "If we're still there at the end, then so be it."

"We've been hearing what the rest of the country thinks about for the last few weeks, and they don't think highly of us," said linebacker Adam Leonard. "A lot of them don't think we belong in the top 25."

The Warriors are one of six undefeated teams in the country. But they're ranked the lowest among them. It's because one of the factors in the BCS -- an average of six computer polls -- takes strength of schedule into account. Hawaii's been huge favorites over their opponents so far, and expected to easily handle the unranked Spartans.

"That was almost like their bowl game," said Leonard. "That was gonna make or break their season, and to know how much fire they came out with, it's not just about numbers and records in that game, it was more emotional and they came out really fired up to play."

But on that same token, the Warriors aren't making excuses. They'll let their play the rest of the season do their talking for them.

"We got a good team," said Jones. "We got some great kids and we'll play hard."

"We just take it one game at a time," said slot receiver Ryan Grice Mullen. "We gonna take this bye week to get everybody healthy. get everybody energy back up, and concentrate fully on New Mexico."

Warriors with the bye this week. Host New Mexico State on October 27th.

Hawaii's schedule does get tougher at the end of the season -- Fresno State, Nevada, Boise State, and Washington.

Those would be the quality wins, that the BCS polls look for.