Blue Angels Take to the Skies

KANEOHE BAY (KHNL) -- They're among the most popular aviation acts in the world. Saturday the Blue Angels performed in front of thousands at Kaneohe Bay at the Marine Corps Base.

It's called "Blues on the Bay." Spectators were treated to several aerial acts, but they all came out to see a demonstration in precision maneuvers by the Blue Angels.

They're graceful, acrobatic, and very loud.

"It's not just what they do, the noise is amazing, it's just so loud in your face, all the kids hold their ears," said spectator Juan Rodriguez.

These F/A-18 Hornets are 56 feet long, 40-feet from wing-tip to wing-tip and can hit speeds of 12-hundred miles per hour. While only inches apart, they perform hair raising maneuevers

"It's very the planes go up like that? Wow!" said spectator Ailene Cariaso.

For nearly a half an hour, spectators are treated to a show that demonstrates the skills of arguably the finest pilots in the U.S. Armed Forces.

"They represent to the fullest extent the pride of our nation, these are the best of the best that can fly these planes," said Rodriguez.

"Their precision, it shows the best the navy has to offer, how really put together our armed forces are," said spectator Warren Brown.

Hawaii residents as well as visitors couldn't get enough of Saturday's event called "Blues on the Bay."

"We came yesterday and I had to come again just to see it again," said Rodriguez.  "It's just amazing, phenomenal, one of the greatest things I've ever seen!"

While in Hawaii the Blue Angels hope to accomplish their mission, which is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps recruiting and to positively represent the naval service to the civilian community.