Blues on the Bay Performers Get Ready to Entertain

Chuck Aaron
Chuck Aaron

KANEOHE (KHNL) - The booths are going up, and the jets are getting ready to fly. From civilian performers to military planes, all the aircraft is lined up for this weekend's blues on the bay. Air Show Boss Robert Farrow says, "We have some of the top aerobatic performers across the country come. The Blue Angels, Golden Knights from the Army, the US Navy Leapfrogs, and some of the top civilian aerobatic performers."

And check out this Red Bull helicopter! It is the only one in the country that can do stunts. Pilot Chuck Aaron says, "Nobody does aerobatics in helicopters other than us at Red Bull."

He can do a dozen or so maneuvers and took me up to experience them. Pretty amazing stuff. "I'm the first helicopter pilot in the us certified by the FAA, ever, to do full on aerobatics in the helicopter," says Aaron

Choppers normally cannot fly upside down. And just in case you were planning to try this, Aaron warns, "Don't try this at home. You will die."

The Blues on the Bay air show goes on from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday. Admission and parking are free.