Angst in the Pass

Why do people feel the need to cut others off in traffic?  Must the car really be such a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands?  How many times have you seen someone wait until the last moment to get into that right lane--coming down the Pali Highway, exiting at the Vineyard off ramp, merging toward Mililani at the beginning of H-2?  And how about those crafty nascar drafters who sit on your bumper while you supposedly plod along--at 55 mph?!

The near-misses and non-news stories you don't hear about occur every day.  No wonder we are taught to drive defensively--oo many macho drivers and clueless merge-maestros are playing offense out there.  It's not a sport, it's a means of transport, folks, and we need to stay civil and plan ahead on the road--and that means making decisions before that vital exit is just 50-yards away.

Too many distractions mean too little focus, and we're talking about two-ton mistakes being misused here.  The phone, the pal in the passenger seat, the stuffing of food into the mouth, the inattention to where you are relative to where you're going--it all adds up to needless fender benders, high blood pressure, and opportunities for fruitless road rage.  It doesn't have to be that way, and you actually are in control.  Stay aware, play it safe, move over into the necessary lane earlier--you can make up that vital 15-seconds later rather than jerking in ahead of someone at the last instant.  Find your thrills elsewhere; not on our roads. Think About It.