Hospitals Transition from Paper Charts to Online Medical System

Dr. Todd China, MD
Dr. Todd China, MD
Brenda Parinas
Brenda Parinas

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Doctors at Straub Medical Center are putting away the paper charts, and using an innovative on-line system to view their patients' records.

And that means, they'll have more time to care for their patients and save lives.

This system is fairly new within Straub Medical Center and its sister hospitals.

It's called EPIC, and it is one of the most comprehensive patient databases in the state.

Dr. China is going over his patient's lab results.

Looks like a regular routine but on this visit, Dr. China is reviewing his patient's chart on epic, an electronic medical record system.

In July, Straub transitioned from paper charting to an automated system, a device that allows doctors to have the most recent medical records right at their fingertips.

"What makes it good is that it's very comprehensive, it has pretty much everything we as doctors need to use to take care of our patients and keep good medical records," said Dr. China.

Dr. China says the system also helps eliminate any errors that come with paperwork.

"With paper charting, there's a lot of problems with missing charts, can't find it. Not every note is present, electronic charts take care of that."

EPIC is implemented within the Hawaii Pacific Health System, so no matter where patients like Brenda Parinas go to get seen, having their records pulled up instantly is not a problem.

"A lot more convenient because you have your entire life place in front of you placed in the computer," said Parinas.

All other services within Straub will gradually transition to an online system as well.

Queen's and Kaiser have also transitioned over.