Colt Brennan Exemplifies Aloha

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Everybody wants a piece of him. And no matter how big, or small the fan, he tries to accommodate everyone.

"he's such a nice guy, look at him, he stays for everybody, we just went to try get the lakers and they're not like Colt," says a fan.

Very few are like Hawaii's quarterback, how many players get mobbed in their opponent's stadium? Part of the reason, his play on the field.

His skill helps him tally astronomical numbers, and cover stories on national publications.

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"It's great exposure for the whole state and the school, he's been kinda doing that all summer and spring so it's kinda hitting its peak right now and hopefully we just keep winning more good things will happen," says June Jones, Head Coach of the Warriors.

But the reason fans say good things keep happening, is because what brennan does off the field.

"Look at the aloha spirit he has, great. He's not even from here. and he has the aloha spirit," says another fan.

"I guess he just got a lot of aloha. He plays for Hawai'i, he probably could've played for any state or college team and stuff, and we are glad that he's here in Hawai'i."