Pearl City Man Volunteers to Remove Graffiti

Ric Ramos
Ric Ramos

KAHALA - Honolulu police recently revealed, graffiti -- or tagging -- has doubled on Oahu, since 2005.

But one Pearl City man is taking his fight to the streets, voluntarily removing graffiti around the island, as his random act of kindness.  It's a growing epidemic.

Spray-painted jibberish that pollutes our island.

''You can see the chemical working, already. The green is disappearing, already," said Ric Ramos.

But Ric Ramos, is almost like a cure.

He uses a state-of-the-art chemical to literally wipe out graffiti.

''When we remove the graffiti, we find the taggers are less likely to hit the area again. There's no proof it was ever here," said Ramos.  "When we've done a removal, the reoccurance rate is less than five percent. That shows you that if you take it off, like it was never there, it kind of frustrates them."

Ramos saw a need and started a business.

But, if the circumstances are right -- he'll volunteer his time, and materials, to stamp-out graffiti.

''There's no real criteria that I give. It's just that I like to give back to the community. There's place like this where thousands of cars see, each day, and it's been here for a while and somebody in the community knows a friend of mine and that's what brought us to this wall," Ramos said.

Ramos provides a clean wall.

But, neighbors say, Ramos really provides hope.

''The goal is to restore this to its original surface and I think we've done a pretty good job. You know this is Hawaii. This is our island. It's beautiful. This is what got me into this whole business."

And so, the battle continues.