Sister of Murder Victim Nicole Brown Simpson Visits Hawaii

Denise Brown
Denise Brown

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- The sister of the late Nicole Brown Simpson is in Hawaii to help raise awareness about domestic violence.

Denise Brown arrived on Oahu Tuesday night.

Her sister was killed in 1994. The victim's ex-husband, OJ Simpson, was acquitted of her murder, but was found liable at a civil trial.

Brown says she's dedicated her life to making sure her sister didn't die in vain.

"It can affect anybody and I think that that's what Nicole put to the, put to the issue of domestic violence is that people used to think that it only happened to the poor and to the homeless people," Brown said. "And she put it, she took it to the next level, that it can happen to anybody."

During her visit, Brown will help unveil a public awareness campaign called Hiding in Plain Sight, which focuses on how abuse impacts middle and upper middle income families.