Business Community Slams Superferry Decision

Jim Tollefson
Jim Tollefson

(KHNL) - The story of how the Superferry sits dead in the water is spreading across the Pacific. It's made front page news in the Los Angeles Times Tuesday

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce President Jim Tollefson believes, "The business community reads the LA TIMES, they read the Wall Street Journal. Even Paris, it's headlines in Paris."

Many are concerned about the economic impact. Local Businessman Robert Villaverde believes, "It's not good for the business environment. Already Hawaii has a black eye as not being very business friendly."

"The Chamber of commerce is very concerned with the impression this is giving to the rest of the world, the rest of the financial world, investment world," fears Tollefson.

Political and business leaders including Tollefon say Hawaii needs outside capital to grow and sustain our economy,."The investment community takes risks but they like to have a certainty when they take risks. This is a case again where at the 11th hour the ferry was told not to operate."

It's a lesson in current events for business student Jordan Philipson, "I don't think there is going to be much more development as far as people taking huge risks like that. The Superferry was a humungus investment now it seems like it has gone to waste. "

"This really sends a negative message to the rest of the world," concludes Tollefson.