Lakers Dedicate New Reading Room

Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - They're known for what they do on the court. But the Los Angeles Lakers took time out of their training camp to teach children an important lesson.

With a gentle tug, the Lakers dedicate their new reading room at the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii in Ewa Beach.

"When I was this age, that entire room would be the whole library," said Lakers guard Derek Fisher.

It's part of the Lakers "Read to Achieve" program. It aims to inspire the love of reading and promote its value -- no matter who you are.

"Whether you join the military, whether you join the police force, whether you're a firefighter, or an athlete.. you have to be able to read and have an understanding of the things in front of you," said Fisher.

As a promise to the Lakers, these children take a pledge. And also sit with them, and read a story.

"An organization like the Lakers is what we see on television," said David Nakada, the club's executive director. "For them to come up close and be a part of the kids lives, and encourage them to read, I think it's very very important and it's kinda neat for them."

And neat for the Lakers. The book they read -- The Watercolor Cat, written by Shelly Mecum, inspired by local artist Peggy Chun.

"We should just tackle everyday full of spirit, and full of energy, and just be thankful that we have life each day," said Fisher. "Today is an event that will last forever for everybody."

There's a book drive at both of the Lakers' pre-season games at the Stan Sheriff Center. Those games are Tuesday and Thursday nights, at 7 PM.