Exciting Aerial Demo Get Marines, Sailors Ready For Combat

Major Matt Collins
Major Matt Collins

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- When Air Force Captain Scott O'grady's F-16 was shot down over Bosnia, it was a "TRAP" team that rescued the downed pilot. "TRAP" stands for tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel, and Tuesday we got a chance to see them in action.

The mission simulates a real-world situation in a potentially dangerous combat zone. Pilots jump from a downed CH-53 Delta helicopter.

"This is a method by which if an air crewman goes down, there's a good chance of them being injured. If he or she were shot down, and this crew would go in and find them and call in for added air support to secure the area. Then, extract them as well which is exactly what which is exactly what happened in the Scott O'Grady case."

Serving a nation at war, these Marines and Navy SEAL's know they always have to be ready.

"Bottom line, because it could happen 24/7 and it's a mission that its critical. that we train to and we're prepared to go do it because we never know when it might happen."

It's a rehearsal for the air show, but it's also serious real world training for these servicemembers.

"It's a part of the airshow because its something that the Marines and Sailors here on Oahu train to. It's one of our many missions and that's why were excited to show it off to the public, and say here's what we can do. In addition to that, its great training."

And they hope the airshow gets people interested in the Marines.

"That's where we can measure our success by when you turn around and see all the faces looking up in the sky you see the big smiles on the children. its obviously something that costs money to do but we do it for a reason freedoms not free and it requires people to commit to the country as well."

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