Brain Education

There is an organization out there which is quietly educating the public and providing support for families.  Actually, there are quite a number of organizations that fit this model, but I am speaking specifically of the Hawaii Brain Aneurysm Foundation, an entity set up to benefit families impacted by brain aneurysms.

Brain aneurysms form silently, often from wear and tear on arteries.  Symptoms can include the worst headache someone's ever had, blurred or double vision, neck pain, and/or nausea.  The Hawaii Brain Aneurysm Foundation was formed by friends of the late Michele Higa, who was fatally stricken by a brain aneurysm earlier this year--out of nowhere.  Michele was a big proponent of family and education, and friends of hers and wonderful donors have helped to make this organization a reality to provide information and support to families who have to deal with this silent killer.  Michele left us much too soon due to a brain aneurysm.  Not fair.

The organization is currently working toward establishing support groups at local hospitals and putting together a website to help educate people.  This newly-formed group of angels is also seeking federal non-profit status to allow it to reach out even further.  A great cause emanating from a very sad beginning, and a reminder to all of us just how fragile we are and how thankful we should be more often for what we have and who we have today.  Think About It.