Travel Expert Takes us to Europe

Brian Berusch
Brian Berusch

(KHNL) - It's Travel Tuesday, and we're here with Brian Berusch, KHNL's travel expert, and publisher of the website, "B on Hawaii."

KRISTEN:  And Brian, we're heading to Europe this morning?

BRIAN:  I think so.  That's a good idea. You know I am a huge fan of the off-the-beaten path travel.   A lot of people these days have been to the major cities, they've been to Rome, they've been to Paris, they've been to Berlin and I think it's a great idea to check out towns and villages that are a little more off beaten track.  There are a lot of places on the borders of two countries, that do an excellent job of blending together two countries that are very close together and it's a very interesting way of checking out a new area.

KRISTEN:  So if you can't afford to go to all those places, there are countries that kind of highlight them all?

BRIAN:  Exactly, there really are.  If you do a little bit of homework before hand, as I said, always the best idea before travel, there are places you can find, like I said, off the beaten track.  Paris is unmistakably French and Rome encompasses everything that is Italy, and the architecture in Berlin is very German but place like Switzerland for example, I believe is super unique because it's got part German, part French, part Italian so you've got a blend of all those cultures within in one country.

KRISTEN:  Can we talk about food?

BRIAN:  I always love talking about food.  In Lugano, Switzerland, the chefs, restaurants, they're not dummies.  They'll cherry pick the best of the nearby cultures so Swiss, very commonly known for their cheese production.   In this region in Lugano, you've got the best of Italians, you got great sauces and great pastas melted with the Swiss culture which is a lot of meats, a lot of cheeses that are oil so the restaurants will cherry pick the best stuff and put it together.  That's the perks of traveling, the things you find at the restaurants.

KRISTEN: So is that one of your favorite spots or what would you recommend?

BRIAN:  It really is.  Lugano is a great town.  I'm working on a book that takes place there so I got the fortunate blessing of spending a couple of months at a time there.  But again, it's one of these things where I've never heard of the town until I went there and I was there for a month and I thought, "God, nobody's heard of this place."  And the day it really came to me that nobody's heard of it, I saw Billy Joel walking around with his dogs, he was spending a couple of weeks there.  And Matt Damon, a week later I saw him on a lake, they were shooting the Ocean's Twelve movie.  George Clooney's got a place on Lake Como which is 20 miles away.  He brings his boat over to the lake where Lugano's on.  There are three lakes all within 30 miles of each other, you know it's off the beaten track.  Everyone knows Lake Como, must as well check out some other place.

KRISTEN:  Right, a great place to eat and see celebrities. Alright, thank you, we'll see you again next week.