Local Web Design Company Offers Solutions to Creating First Website

Heather Roylo-Manfredi
Heather Roylo-Manfredi

HONOLULU (KHNL) -  If you're thinking about creating your own website -- but don't really know where to start -- you may want to check this out.

There is a local web designing company that can give you a complete solution to designing your first site.

As the internet continues to grow, getting your business or yourself more exposure is easier than you think.

One web designing company offers a fast and cost-effective way to make your internet goals a reality.

With more than five years of professional web designing experience, Heather Roylo-Manfredi is the creator behind many successful websites.

Her business - Maikai Designs is a full service internet company, offering complete web development solutions for all types of websites.

Heather says the first step to starting your own website is to have a goal in mind.

"They really need to evaluate what they need the website for," said Roylo-Manfredi.

In this day and age, she says it is expected for every business to have a website.

And it's more and more common for people to create their own personal page but without web knowledge, Heather says many people can end up creating a bad website.

To avoid making a mistake, she says keep in mind of the rules of the three F's...Form, Fit and Function.

"Form, static of web designs, it has to look nice.  Fit, is it relevant, useful, clear and Function, does the website work, it has to work on all of those things in order to be a successful website," said Roylo-Manfriedi.

Heather says anyone can learn how to create a site if they put their mind to it.