Testing Parents

Ok, school is back in session, and we have the annual spin on how Hawaii fared in the latest proficiency tests on reading and math in our public schools.  Perhaps deficiency is a more accurate description based on the methodology.  Forget the public relations twisting and positioning, here's the real test for you--what have you done for your kids' school this Fall?  How have you helped your child be better prepared every day?  What environment have you created at home, both physical and mental--that allows your child the best chance to succeed each and every day?  How often are you sitting beside your child looking over work, commenting on papers, remarking on how creative their drawings are?

You see, tweaking scores that don't correlate to tests taken five years ago is what we hear about on the news, but it's the behind-the-scenes home efforts that will ultimately determine how our public school kids fare in school, and, quite possibly, in life in the years and decades ahead.  If you perceive of school as simply a weekday babysitting service, then the test scores also reflect your efforts, or lack thereof.

We all win when kids feel fulfilled, when kids succeed or improve, when kids accomplish something.  And I'm not talking about handing out trophies for simply showing up, a disturbing trend in sports across america nowadays, but the role models at home, more so than perhaps even the teachers, need to be active, willing, and positive participants if we expect to see any true growth in test scores year after year.  Think About It.