World's Longest Sailing Ship Visits Hawaii

PEARL HARBOR (KHNL) - A bit of history, docked at Pearl Harbor, this morning.

The Chilean raining ship, Esmeralda -- and her four massive sailing masts -- arrived in the islands on the tail-end of the ship's goodwill mission around the pacific rim.

The majestic ship entered the harbor under an island sun, ready to hit its stride.

In an impressive display, 52 sailors lined the foremast, to honor the host port.

This is just a taste of long-standing, Chilean naval tradition.

''The sailing is quite important because Chile is a maritime nation, explains Esmeralda's Captain, Humberto Navarro. "It is very, very strong tradition for the sea, for the stars, for the moon, for the ocean"

Chile's consul general greeted the vessel's top officers with lei.

The "Esmeralda" evokes images of a maritime era long past, when sailing was the only way to travel around the globe.

The white lady -- or as they say ''dama blanca" -- is much younger than she appears.

Built in the style of the 1800's, Esmeralda first set-sail, back in 1954.

It is the longest sailing ship in the world.

Her crew just completed a 25-day open ocean leg from Tokyo.

From here, it's off to Tahiti, and then home.

But before that, her captain says, it's time to enjoy,

''The chance to get to know Hawaii, Waikiki, and Honolulu," says Capt. Navarro. "My feeling is we'll have a relaxing time in Hawaii, definitely."

The crew of the "Esmeralda" will visit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, tomorrow, to pay their respects to America's war dead.