Trial Involving Mesa Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines Nearing End

Maxwell Blecher
Maxwell Blecher
Mike Dunkerley
Mike Dunkerley

HONOLULU (KHNL) - From admissions of deleted pornography on a Mesa Airlines computer to allegations of unscrupulous business dealings, it hasn't been a boring trial.

Hawaiian Airlines President and CEO Mark Dunkerley comments, "While people may be enjoying one dollar fares, nine dollar fares, nobody seriously believes that covers the cost of providing transportation. It's a pretty naked, predatory action on behalf of one competitor."

Mesa Attorney Maxwell Blecher believes, "Whatever they gave us really wasn't of any value, wasn't important to somebody like Mesa who entered as a low cost carrier with low prices."

Mesa contends it didn't cheat, rather simply saw an opportunity here.

"When fares rise dramatically and you have weak companies, both emerged from bankruptcy that's the combination that will lure new people into the market," says Blecher in his defense.

"We believe very strongly they used our confidential information, misused it. Certainly know they lied about it and destroyed that evidence and subsequently found out their real intentions were to drive a competitor out of business and put fares up higher than they were before, " counters Dunkerley.

Court documents reveal Go's business plan and there is not much aloha for one island competitor

Hawaiian's CEO points out, "Their own plans had it in mind they would drive Aloha out of business in 24 months and as soon as that was accomplished they would put fares up."

Hawaiian is asking Go! be banned from selling tickets for a year and pay Hawaiian nearly $173 million in damages and court costs.

"We hope at the end of the day the people will still be served by Mesa and it's low fares," concludes Blecher.