$25,000 Credit Card Nightmare

Laura Epstein
Laura Epstein

KO OLINA (KHNL) -- Here's a credit card nightmare story involving basketball tickets, and a Hawaii fan.

Laura Epstein was thrilled to find out Hawaii would soon have a professional basketball team, the Hawaii Hurricanes.

For $42, she got tickets for her whole family for the opening game. But, when her American Express bill came, what a shock. Not once, but twice.

For the past two months, Laura Epstein has spent lots of time on the phone.

She's been busy trying to reverse more than $25,000 of charges on American Express bills.

"I was totally shocked. I couldn't believe it and I was trying to think, what did I buy? I didn't go on any wild shopping sprees, so I was flipping through the pages kind of frantically trying to see what could have been that amount of money," said Epstein.

The charges were from "Hawaii Basketball," stemming from the telephone ticket purchase she made for the opening game of the Hawaii Hurricanes.

The charges she agreed to -- $42.53. On her statement -- $4,253.00, multiple times.

After lots of time on the phone, and an investigation, American Express cleared the charges, and Laura thought the issue was resolved.

"But then I opened this month's account. There is now another $4,000 charge to Hawaii Basketball."

The new charge is being investigated.

"I'd like to think its an honest mistake, but I don't know why it keeps happening."

Laura cancelled her original $42 purchase, and wants an apology.

"I don't think I'll be going to the game, unless they give us the tickets for free. And then I would go. At this point I'm not going to buy any more ticket, that for sure," she says through a laugh.

We called the Hawaii Hurricanes office lots of times on the day of this story, and no one called back.

Laura says she received one return call from the company a month ago, indicating they would fix the problem and give her free tickets. Since then, she hasn't heard from them; and the price of her tickets keeps on rising.