Police Arrest Prostitutes and Customers in Recent Downtown Honolulu Stings

Mike Lakey
Mike Lakey
Robert Suliman
Robert Suliman

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Just after sunset Monday night,  Honolulu Police stage a sting operation in the downtown area.

They netted several prostitutes and their customers in just a couple of hours.

This was the situation on some downtown Honolulu streets last March.

So frustrated by brazen prostitutes in broad daylight, the community cried out for tougher laws.

Mike Lakey Kukui Plaza General Manager explains, "In addition to the prostitutes it's the drug activity it brings with it. The main concern happened with the murder on Kukui street."

Now the streets are much quieter but still some activity.

Lakey says that's normal. "It will slow down for a little while then pick up again so their concern is their families walking across the street."

Even delivery drivers like Robert Suliman are harassed, "You wouldn't believe it but they also have confronted us workers here. "

"When you are loading what would they actually say? Want a date? That's all they tell us and if we want a date that's it."

Undercover officers walk these streets as well surprising customers.

"HPD has just been great with the stings they have done. One of the officers actually walks with our citizens patrol group," says Lakey.

Members of a citizen's patrol go out every Tuesday night and it's visibly cutting down on crime.

Lakey warns, "It lets people know that we are out there, we are watching them. You are not going to get away with anything because we have our eye on you, "

Once a month members of the citizen's patrol stage a sit in on Kukui Street and force the prostitutes out.