House Passes Abercrombie's Iraq Redeployment Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KHNL) - The U.S. House voted overwhelmingly to approve Congressman Neil Abercrombie's bill aimed at ending the the war in Iraq.

It would require President Bush to report to Congress in 60 days, and every 90 days thereafter, on the status of its redeployment plans in Iraq.

The vote was 377 to 46.  Abercrombie and co-sponsor Democrat John Tanner of Tennessee say the measure is the first bipartisan compromise on the war.

Republicans agreed to swing behind it because they said it encourages Pentagon contingency planning already under way and does not mandate troop withdrawals.

"This is the first major step in turning the war around, in terms of getting us out of Iraq," said Abercrombie. "We've got a tremendous bi-partisan vote and that's what we were aiming for from the beginning and I am very happy that it took place."

The bill also requires the the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs to brief the House and Senate Defense Committees.

The bill must now be approved by the Senate.