Hawaii 20/20

A Hawaii 2050 sustainability summit in Waikiki was held recently; a lot of great ideas emanating from more than a year's worth of meetings were put into a draft plan that the State Legislature will hopefully massage as it looks into future legislation.  This is all well and good, but a plan that will be a defined roadmap over the next 43-years sure seems like a lifetime of emptiness. What about a Hawaii 2020 plan?  You know, like 20/20 vision, something that would be clear with measurable goals every year for the next decade or so.  Something that we could all watch evolve carefully, not something that won't be realized for two generations.

General concepts and items to address are relatively easy to identify.  The difficulty is in the details, the ramifications, the effects.  Housing issues, community character, natural resource utilization, and quality of life issues in Hawaii are on-going topics this week, next month and will continue to be in 43-years.  Frankly, some of us don't have that long to wait for some answers, nor do our kids, or their kids.

Hawaii 2020 would certainly force certain actionable items at the governmental and community levels now.  Hawaii 2020 would allow a realistic timeline, yet allow for benchmarks and checkpoints along the way every year or two, not every decade or two.  The time is now to continue the research, the committee ideas, the community concerns and comments, and let's make sustainability and quality of life decisions an on-going project that has quantifiable goals, champions, and deadlines.  Or, for the next couple of decades, we can just Think About It.