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Pet Blessing in Honolulu

Father Bill Allport Father Bill Allport
Kianna Castillo Kianna Castillo
Alyssa Shimoda Alyssa Shimoda
Lindsey Tsutsui Lindsey Tsutsui

By Paul Drewes

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A downtown Honolulu church is overrun with animals.

From dogs to cats, even birds were found inside during a service Tuesday morning.

"May you be a gift of love and a blessing and you be blessed"

These words are the same used in other services but were still plenty of unusual sounds heard at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Like the panting of pets. And barking among the congregation.

But this special blessing is actually "for" the cats, dogs, birds and even turtles brought in by students of St. Andrew's Priory.

"Give you health and true joy and share love"

While to some, it may seem silly to have pews full of pets, this blessing serves an an important lesson for students.

"We bless pets in church, as part of the larger understanding of creation gift of God. The pets, the rest of the aina, plants, trees they are all put into our care" says Father Bill Allport.

And, some students say, we should take some time to think of our animals because we can forget how much these pets also give us.

"They always give unconditional love and they're always there for you, and you should give thanks to them sometimes." says 11th grader, Kianna Castillo. "We can learn unconditional love, cause no matter what pets always love us." adds Alyssa Shimoda, another 11th grader.

And pets will always be pets, so while some took this time to appreciate their animals, others took time asking for a little help from above, taming their sometimes wild beasts.

"He likes to sleep around and dig in the trash and be a rascal." says Lindsey Tsutsui of her dog Hershey

The pet blessing is an annual event held in commemoration of the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

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