Crash Landing Pilot Speaks on NBC's "The Today Show"

Robert Robertson
Robert Robertson

FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida (KHNL) - The extremely lucky pilot didn't hold back any details about his amazing experience.

He appeared on NBC'S "The Today Show" early Monday morning.  Robert Robertson talked about everything from -- what went through his mind as his plane went down to --- how this experience forever changed his life.

Stting in a wheelchair, with his left arm in a cast, Robertson spoke from the rehab center in Florida where he is recovering from his injuries.

He explains --the day of the crash started off just like any work day.

After a routine check of his plane, he took off from the airport, headed on his usual cargo run.

"I got airborne for probably no more than 15 or 20 seconds and got about 250 feet off the ground. All of the sudden, just silence from the right side of the airplane," said Robertson.  "And the plane started to come to the right and I had probably literally a second to change to get the engine secure, get my may day call out and find a place."

He thought he wasn't going to make it.

A little patch of green caught Robertson's eye and he headed right for it -- missing the bustling I-95.

Robertson was knocked out for a few moments.

When he opened his eyes, he says he was in shock, didn't feel any pain, and was determined to get up and walk away.

But he came to his senses -- when emergency responders arrived and rushed him to the hospital.

And, after seeing himself in those dramatic video images, Robertson says he is convinced he was not the only one behind the controls.

He says the incident has brought a lot of things in his life into focus -- and, he ended by saying he just proposed to his girlfriend of eight months.