Jones Happy with Warrior Defense

MANOA (KHNL) - Keeping their perfect season intact.

A jump in the national polls.

Those are just two results from the Warriors big win at Idaho on Saturday. With the way they played, it should be no surprise that a Warrior won the WAC Defensive Player of the Week.

Defensive back Myron Newberry took the honor Monday for his play against the Vandals. Six tackles. And two interceptions -- one of them, he ran back 76-yards for a touchdown.

It was one of the many big plays made by an inspired squad.

The Warriors defense played with a chip on their shoulder.

It's because of some criticism by ESPN analyst Craig James during last Thursday's Boise State game.

"well, I made sure Greg knew what Craig James said," joked head coach June Jones.

Greg, is defensive coordinator Greg McMackin. The criticism -- Hawaii's d can't stop anyone, and they don't belong in the top 20.

McMackin took it personal. The Warrior D took it out on the Vandals.

The result -- five sacks, five picks, two touchdowns.

"Coming into it every week, we were coming in with a little bit more of an attitude, and a little bit more aggressive," said Jones. "We played that way the whole game. That was pretty good stuff."

Especially since quarterback Colt Brennan had a sub-par day.

"Some of it was, Colt wasn't practicing," said Jones. "I don't care what you say, when you don't practice, it does affect your play. It affected him a little bit, but he had some bad luck too."

The Warriors hope it doesn't continue. But even if it does, Jones is confident -- besides his high octane offense, he's

got a swarming, ball-hawking defense.

"In reality, that's what defense is," said Jones. "It's one thing to play good defense, but what wins, is taking the football away."

Colt was running around at practice Monday. Jones says he will be ready for Saturday's game against Utah State.