Hawaii Prepares for One-of-a Kind Fishing Festival

Neil Kanemoto
Neil Kanemoto
Sandi Arakaki
Sandi Arakaki

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Hawaii's fisheries are healthy, and poised for long-term success.

That's the message the organizers of this weekend's "Fishing and Seafood Festival" at Honolulu Harbor, are looking to convey.

The exciting count-off by an auctioneer takes place, each morning, here at Pier 38's state-of-the-art fishing village.

A handful of wholesalers and restaurant owners bring their money and make their move for the freshest fish our island waters provide.

Administrators of this facility want the general public to a part of it all.

''There's a lot more, a lot larger population that enjoys fresh, Hawaiian seafood," says Neil Kanemoto of the Pacific Islands Fisheries Group. "But, we've never had an event that acknowledges fishing, and fresh Hawaiian seafood, ever and this our second annual."

The 2007 "Fishing and Seafood Festival" kicks off at 9 o'clock, this sunday morning.

It'll feature a number of educational displays, live music, and of course, lots of seafood and there's even fun stuff for the kids.

''Oh, it's a wonderful day, a lot of activities, a lot of educational learning and we'll have activities like the fishing wheel and the traditional fishpond and Gyotaku," says co-organizer, Sandi Arakaki. "They'll love that. It's all hands on."

An estimated 10-to-15 percent of the state's population fish -- recreationally or commercially.

There are lingering concerns about over-fishing Hawaii waters.

But, event organizers say, there's no need to worry.

''The fisheries are relatively healthy," say Kanemoto. "It's just a matter of managing them properly to ensure there's fish in the future."