"Snoopy" Survives Freeway Ordeal Thanks To Good Samaritan

Dave Jones and Mari Henmi
Dave Jones and Mari Henmi
Russell Mesinas
Russell Mesinas

Honolulu (KHNL) - Like the cartoon character, this real life pooch got itself into a precarious situation.

He ran away from home and survived a near-death experience.

His owners have him back. Reunited with their lost pet thanks to a good samaritan.

About two weeks ago cars and trucks at freeway speeds suddenly slammed on their brakes.

Even in the rain Dave Jones and Mari Henmi couldn't believe their eyes.

Good Samaritan Dave Jones recalls, "Out of the corner of my eye I see snoopy trying to come back across the highway as we slow down to a stop so no one hits him. But this BMW comes flying around the corner, he doesn't see him so I pulled my truck out to block car because he would have nailed Snoopy.'

Jones pulled over along the shoulder and ran after the spotted dog, "Once he saw me, he stopped and laid down and just laid there."

Road crewmembers said they saw the dog get hit by at least one car.

Mari Hemni said, "I had a baby blanket in the car and we made sure we wrapped snoopy in a baby blanket."

They rushed him to one veterinary clinic but they wouldn't take him because he was a stray. Doctors at the Animal House veterinary clinic in Ewa Beach determined he suffered a broken rib.

The family took him home and tried to find his owners. He had no identification but Jones saw an ad on craigslist that caught their eye. "As soon as the photo came up I said that's the dog. "

They called Russell Mesinas who was elated, "I was so relieved and happy I had loss of words."

"When he saw the dog he just you can tell overcome with emotion because he grew up with the dog," recalls Jones.

Mesinas thanks the driver who could not bear to see the dog hit on the freeway, "I searched long and hard and I am very grateful you guys risked your lives to save him and I'm very grateful and forever in your debt. I don't know how I can repay you."