Warriors Reach New Heights in National Polls

Colt Brennen
Colt Brennen
Adam Leonard
Adam Leonard

Honolulu (KHNL) - Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan had a record tying game against Idaho. It's record he didn't want, but still, Hawaii got the win. And it's pushing the Warriors into historic heights in the national polls.

Hawaii is now ranked 16th in the country in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, jumping up from 19th. It's the highest they've been in the AP poll ever. Their previous high was 18th, in 1981.

In the coaches poll, Warriors are now 15th, jumping up two spots.

This is the highest the Hawaii football program has been ranked ever in any major poll.

Warriors, beat the Vandals Saturday, 48-20, in Idaho. It took a team effort, because their top gun, was misfiring. Brennan tied the school record for interceptions in a game.

He admitted it was his worst day on the field ever -- 5 interceptions. Brennan took the blame for two of them for shorting his receivers. But at least two others took strange bounces, ending in Idaho's hands.

"That's just the way it goes sometimes," said Brennan. "I'm just really happy that our defense had the opportunity to step up and do big things and they did just that."

Warriors defense tallied five sacks, five picks, two touchdowns, and just ten points surrendered in the first 55-minutes of the game.

"No matter how our offense play, we have a certain way we wanna play, and that's to give up nothing," said linebacker Adam Leonard.

"What's awesome is that the team, and everybody else kinda just showed how good our team really is, so that's what's really cool about everything," said Brennan.

Also cool -- the Warriors' steady march up the national polls. Even though they're going places where no Hawaii team has gone before, they still aren't satisfied.

"We wanna come out and prove ourselves each week to the naysayers," said Leonard. "We now what we can do, we just gotta show it on the field."

Brennan says he did tweak that sprained right ankle in the first quarter. It may have had an effect on some of his throws, but he still played the entire game.

Warriors, host Utah State, this Saturday, at Aloha Stadium.