Web-Cam Connects Family on Wedding Day

Rommel Pacba
Rommel Pacba

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - For military families, it can be difficult keeping in touch with loved ones during war time. But one public charity is connecting families and friends, no matter how far apart they are.

This technology helped make a Waikiki wedding a true family event.

Currently serving on the front lines in Iraq, Sergeant Ruel Pacba didn't think he'd see his brother get married on Saturday, but thanks to a web-cam set-up by the Freedom Calls Foundation, he was able to visit his entire family at the wedding reception in Waikiki.

A satelite network enabled the families to unite for this special occasion in a unique way. Sergeant Pacba appeared on a 6-foot screen and saw his relatives for the first time since his deployment in June.

"He said he couldn't make it so I'm really excited, we can at least see him on our wedding day and he can at least say a few words for us," said brother Rommel Pacba.

The video conference is the first over the Freedom Calls Satelite Network to service a Hawaii family in years. Video conferences between army families from Schofield Barracks, and marine families in Kaneohe will now take place regularly.

The Freedom Calls Foundation hopes to continue bringing families together especially during the upcoming holiday season. But with no financial support from the government or military, and costs running in the tens of thousands of dollars, it faces closure next month if funds are not raised.