How One Hawaii Woman Dropped 32 Dress Sizes

Sue Wild
Sue Wild
Yvette Ho
Yvette Ho

KAHALA (KHNL) -- Shopping is a fun "activity" most women take for granted. But, what if you were so overweight, you couldn't walk into a store, and find something that fit?

The women you're about to meet have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to get where they are today. Their journey hasn't been an easy one, but its one they say is worth every sacrifice they've had to make.

Today, these ladies excitedly grab clothes off the rack.

Shopping for clothes used to be something they could only do via special order catalogs -- not anymore.

Sue Wild has dropped 128 pounds, down 32 dress sizes in the past two years. She decided to make a change when at age 65, and 330 pounds, she collapsed on vacation.

"The idea of when I "came to," in Canada, {made me do it.} I asked my husband, 'Am I dying? He said, 'we don't know.' And that'll do it."

Not a candidate for surgical weight loss, she's done it all just by changing her lifestyle, on a Castle Medical Center program called Medifast.

"So I went on Medifast, and it's been a lifesaver."

Yvette Ho's doctor told her she needed to make a change.

"My primary physician wanted me to lose 90 pounds. I think he thinks I want to be a model," she laughs.

A size 20, she suffered from adult-onset asthma, high blood pressure, and knee problems.

Two months ago, she got lap band surgery, and has already lost 30 pounds.

"Thirty pounds is like a bag of rice off my body. So my knees don't have any pain anymore. Generally I just feel like I've lost a ton of weight. Its only been 30 pounds, but I feel like I've lost a ton."

Her weight loss has made her healthier, overall.

"I can walk in heels, I can play with my grandson. My health has improved so much I can walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Tomorrow, I'll be 59 years old. Before I go into the next decade, I want to be a healthy person, I really do."

14 of Castle Medical Center's weight loss patients will walk the catwalk this Sunday at a free women's health fair, entitled "Women Who Live Well." It's at Castle's Kailua campus from 2- 5 p.m, and will feature free medical screenings for everyone.