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Oahu Stores Act Quickly on Food Recall

By Leland Kim

MOILIILI (KHNL) -- A nationwide food recall hit our islands earlier in the week. Local stores worked quickly to get bacteria-infected tofu off the shelves.

Those tainted tofu products have been destroyed, and the Department of Health has received no reports of illnesses related to those items. Many local stores have set policies on how to deal with such incidents.

Health-conscious people on Oahu flock to Down to Earth natural food store for their grocery needs. Monday's recall of Soy Deli tofu products took many by surprise.

"Well, customers are concerned about it, as are we," said Frank Santana, Down to Earth's marketing director.

But the store acted quickly, destroying all Soy Deli tofu dated December 17, and Nigiri tofu dated September 23.

"Immediately we'll take the product off the shelf, we'll post a sign advising customers of the recall, and encourage them to return the product for a full refund," said Santana.

That happened soon after the recall announcement came down from the manufacturer. Santana said things like this don't have a lasting impact on the store's business.

"At the end of the day, the few incidents of recall we have reflects well on industry and regulatory oversight," he said.

It's this oversight that is responsible for keeping foods safe for customers.

"The food supply is safe, and the controls to monitor the quality of the food supply are there," said Santana.

A bit of reassurance for an industry that relies on good word of mouth.

This tofu incident follows a recall of bagged lettuce from Dole Foods last week. There were no reports of illnesses in that case, as well.

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