Former Hawaii Pilot who Crashed Plane in Florida Speaks

By Hetal Gandhi

FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida (KHNL) -  He trained right here in the islands and one week ago, he cheated death.

A pilot sitting dazed amid the wreckage of his disintegrated plane.

He recalls his emergency on a South Florida interstate.

"I was sure I was dead, pretty, pretty unbelievable, just me in a seat," chuckled Robert Robertson.

Alive and well,  34-year-old Robertson shares his near-death experience --  that turned into a miraculous survival story.

"It was a fairly routine day."

But shortly after take-off from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Robertson's twin-engine plane, which was carrying cargo to the Bahamas, started having problems.

"On the way down, I thought it was over."

His quick thinking not only saved his life, but the lives of everyone driving on I-95.

Now despite several broken bones and severe injuries, Robert is on the road to recovery.

"Judging from what he's gone through already, I think that he's up for it. He certainly seems incredibly motivated to get better," said Dr. Scott Tannenbaum of Health South Rehab Center.  "And you know, he's the ideal candidate for rehab."

"There's somethin' else goin' on up there that,  I'm clearly not the only man at the wheel," said Robertson.

A spiritual awakening for a man who fears heights and is seen here flying over another plane crash in Hawaii,  never imagining that one day, it would be him.

"You can't let something like this stop you from doing what you do."