Child Advocacy Group Asks for Blankets, Other Donations

Vicki Freitas
Vicki Freitas
Alfred Herrera
Alfred Herrera

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The statistics are painful. According to the Children's Alliance of Hawaii, one girl in every four will be molested. One boy in every six will be sexually assaulted. An Oahu organization is working to bring hope to these childrens' lives.

For the past 4 months, this is what Vicki Freitas has been doing all day. With her cat for company, Freitas has been committed to a labor of love, knitting blankets for abused kids. "I wanted to do something as a charity thing and I heard about the Children's Alliance which needs blankets."

This is the finished product. It will go into a bag to give to a child in need. Alfred Herrera of the Children's Alliance of Hawaii says, "We're giving them the 'Foster Care Package' to honor their bravery to come forward and disclose their abuse."

The bags are a portable survival kit with new clothes, toys, bedding, and school supplies. Herrera says, "They leave behind the life they had as well as everything they own. This is something for them to reclaim as their own."

Freitas adds, "They're more in need than adults. Kids are not able to fend for themselves. This is something that would give them comfort."

Freitas will donate about 10 of these blankets. She hopes others who see this report will be encouraged to do the same. Sure, she could buy a blanket. But she wants to put a little extra love into sewing them.

"Especially those that are being handmade; it really demonstrates to our kids that someone cares about them," smiles Herrera.

A little kindness that will go a long way for these kids.

To donate to the Foster Care Package, click on the Children's Alliance of Hawaii link.