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September 26, 2007

On Time

Not much really starts on time in Hawaii.  On the social front, people rarely show up on time for a party or at lunch or a dinner, as so-called friends often saunter in 15-minutes late; obviously, their time is more important than your time.  So it should come as no surprise that we are constantly deluded into thinking big projects will occur "on time."  Remember the Nimitz Highway construction project at the airport?  It took forever.  H3?  Long-time coming.  The UH Medical School in Kakaako?  Thank goodness no patients were waiting, as the rest of us certainly showed patience.

Now we hear of delays on the start-up of a UH Biosafe Lab in Kakaako.  Anyone wanna bet on when it will open, or when we will actually see a car or tram or train on the upcoming fixed-guideway project?  And how about those long-planned extra restrooms out at the Waipio Soccer Peninsula?  That really came to the front two weeks ago when the bathrooms were down, and over a thousand fans came to a UH wahine soccer game in the stadium, only to be told to use the port-a-potties down the road.  Good luck with your 6-year old...

Bad enough we get weak apologies whenever a lane is closed or minor repair work is being done on our streets.  We tolerate it; we shrug, but we don't ask for solutions from those in power.  We constantly see delays in construction at major shopping centers and even in replacing transformers in the Pali tunnels--that simple replacement left us with months of no lights! Local time is a quaint concept, but it takes on a whole new meaning when the costs are greater than just your time or my time.  Think About It.

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