Kaneohe Marine Completes 7th Deployment

Gunnery Sgt Eugene Holiday
Gunnery Sgt Eugene Holiday

(KHNL) - One hundred Marines and Sailors returned to a hero's welcome at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Some of these Marines have completed more than one tour to the war zone. But we meet a gung-ho Marine who knows what it means to answer the call to duty. He's answered it seven times.

Many in the Marine Corps consider Gunnery Sgt Eugene Holiday a true patriot. With his long-awaited homecoming, he's completing his 7th mission to the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gunnery Sgt. Eugene Holiday is like a real life action hero.

One of the few, The proud, A marine.

"It's my duty, my job country calls I answer," explains Gunnery Sgt. Holiday.

He's committed to fighting the war on terror.

"I'm motivated by camaraderie of the marines being someone you can count on. Something happens the country knows Gunnery Sgt Holiday is there," adds Gunnery Sgt. Holiday.

There have been close calls in his seven tours. He relies on support from his family and his faith, " I believe in God he is the head of my life, the head of my household."

To understand his sacrifice realize he's been deployed nearly 15-hundred days. He's missed holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, his son growing up.

Holiday recalls, "I have missed a lot I have missed a lot a few Christmases, my wife's birthday is on Christmas so hand in hand my son only made it home for 2 of his birthdays"

In honor of Gunnery Sgt. Holiday's dedication to duty some friends of the Marine Corps donate a brick with his name on it, His brick will rest next to past and present veterans at the Pacific War Memorial in Hawaii.

This past September 11th he re-enlsited for four more years.

"Remember me as the guy that when the country calls I'm there. Sleep at night because if I am on call rest well I'm here don't worry about it," concludes Holiday.