University Regents Approve Navy-Affiliated Research Laboratory

(KHNL) - The University of Hawaii will go ahead with a military contract making the university an applied research laboratory.

The Board of Regents Thursday night voted to pave the way for the research center - known as UARC.

This week opponents on Oahu demonstrated against the proposed military research center.

Protestors, including students and faculty, fear laboratory experiments will deal with military weapons or classified material.

They say they were disappointed by Thursday night's vote, but not surprised.

"The Board of Regents has made it clear who they think they work for.," said UARC opponent Ikaika Hussey. "Of the testimony that was submitted, the overwhelming majority was in opposition to the contract, but the Board of Regents sided with the special business and military interests."

University administrators estimate the deal will bring in 10 million dollars over a five year period.

The contract is a three year deal with an option to continue for two more years.

Opponents say the start up costs exceed any profit.