New Hawaii Homes For Soldiers, Bought and Built from Iraq

Nichole Johnson
Nichole Johnson

MAILI (KHNL) -- For most people, their first home is the biggest purchase they'll ever make. So, can you imagine buying your first home, sight unseen, while living in Iraq? After 15 months in a war zone, one couple has a brand new house to call home. And, its one they built from the ground up -- from Iraq.

Most people meet their realtor for the first time before they buy the house. Not her.

Sergeant Nichole Johnson got back from Iraq Wednesday night. A "dual military" couple, her husband is still there.

This is her first time inside her brand new home.

"My husband is going to love this, he picked out this, i have to have stainless steel," she said as she opened her fridge for the first time.

"It is so peaceful out there. Compared to where I just came from, When I opened up the door it was like boom, or something going on with alarm red, its not peaceful."

Both of these married couples spent the last 15 months together in iraq. Only Nichole's back, but when the rest return, they'll all be neighbors. The Kennedy's bought this brand new house down the street.

"Lots of soldiers they were buying houses, talking to realtors, looking at land."

Nicole says she couldn't wait to get home, but being back makes her realize how much americans take for granted.

"You look around over there and you look outside the gate and you look outside the wire and you see theres some who want to leave and it's like, they can't leave."

Until today she'd only seen her home in photos.

"And I walk in and I'm like this is way better than beyond my wildest dreams of what I thought it would look like. Its, its, perfect."