"Mad Science" Still Picking Up Pieces After Devastating Fire

Jaime Ferreira
Jaime Ferreira

(KHNL) -- The cause of a fire that destroyed two houses on Wilhelmina Rise one month ago remains a mystery. The flames devoured a home that served as the headquarters for a company that works with children.

Six-year-old Aslan hops on board a hover craft, powered by a leaf blower, to learn about air pressure.

"It creates a huge, very, very strong, powerful force and stream of air that can push them all literally off the ground," Jaime Ferreira, Mad Science of Hawaii, said.

Seeing kids excited about science is what keeps Jiggy Jaime going.

A month ago, she and her sister lost just about everything in a raging fire on Wilhelmina Rise. Their home served as the headquarters for Mad Science of Hawaii, which provides educational activities for children.

"We had one school call us and ask myself and Cosmic Kelly to actually go to the school to show the children that we were ok 'cause they were crying," Ferreira said.

While the children's smiles are back, she says finding a new home-office has been a struggle.

"My sister and I actually both living in two separate locations with friends," she said. "Currently, we don't have any computers or a hard telephone line. We're just checking messages and borrowing computers and sleeping on the floor."

A month later, investigators still don't know what triggered the flames.

"I'm very curious as to why the fire had started," Ferreira said. "We didn't have any chemicals or anything in that portion of the house."

But in the rubble, she does find a teaching opportunity.

"We always have our fire safety (talk) that we give them," Ferreira said. "But now, we can first-hand tell them how dangerous fire really is."

A real-life lesson she hadn't planned on.

After their on-site investigation and laboratory testing, fire officials decided the cause of this fire will be undetermined. They say the fire, which started in the laundry room, is not suspicious.