Travel Expert Brian Berusch on his Website

Brian Berusch
Brian Berusch

(KHNL) - It's Travel Tuesday, and we're here with Brian Berusch, publisher of "B on Hawaii "and KHNL's travel expert.

KRISTINE: Brian, there's some great info on your website. Let's talk a little bit about what stories you have in an upcoming edition.

BRIAN:  Great Kristine, I'm glad you were enjoying the site. As I've said before it's a great place for both local residents as well as visiting travelers to get an inside scoop on what s happening around the islands.

I write for some of the top travel magazines in the country yet it takes them a good few months to run my stories. Now in this digital age, I am running my own stories a few days after I write them. So it's the best place to get the hot scoop on what's going on in Hawaii.

KRISTINE: So what's coming up?

BRIAN:  I've got new material coming on to the homepage in a few hours and there's some great stuff happening around Hawaii.

First, you can read about a short interview I did with Dale Levitski, a top chef finalist in the current season, who prior to the Chicago with the owner of Hank's Haute Dogs, a new restaurant in Kakaako Honolulu.  He was in town last week, and we met for a few minutes. Interesting guy and Hank's is an interesting place--- especially for hot dog enthusiasts.

Next on the site I interviewed Daniel Ho. For those who don t know, Daniel is a composer, musician and producer who's won two Grammys for Hawaiian music already. He just released a new CD that is all songs about and performers from Hawaii island. He put it together with Keoki Kahumoku and the big island visitors bureau. You can read about it and find out where to get your hands on a copy on my site.

KRISTINE: There's a lot of talented people over there on the Big Island. So many different communities over there, it's good to hear about some things bring them all together.

BRIAN: Glad you mentioned it. Also on the Big Island and covered in B on Hawaii this week, the Big Island Film Festival is calling for submissions for their third annual event in May of 2008. Anyone can apply! Hawaii filmmakers or films shot in Hawaii get a discount on the entrance fee, but it's so nominal as is. You can enter a 30-minute short, or a feature length film and perhaps someone watching might have their film screened at the film fest.

KRISTINE: You do get around, don t you? what other things did you find out for us this week?

BRIAN:  Some news from Maui.  The Grand Wailea Resort is now selling luxury town home vacations at Hoolei, a gated community between the resort and Wailea's blue golf course. Gorgeous homes, high-end travelers can rent and still have total access to the resort's amazing spa, restaurants and beach.

KRISTINE:  I think we have time for a few Oahu happenings.Got anything?

BRIAN:  Two great thing coming up that are sort of similar. The Academy of the Arts "Art after Dark" and "Little Kitchen".