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Hawaii Pilot Lands On Florida Freeway

By Beth Hillyer

HAWAII (KHNL) - Many people are shocked to learn the pilot grew up and learned to fly here in Hawaii. His local ohana is praying for his recovery Robert "Sam" Robertson attended school here beginning at age ten and completed flight training on Oahu before moving to Florida to fly professionally.

Robertson realized his dream of being a pilot by attending flight school here in Honolulu. Pilots like Roberston routinely practice for emergences but nothing could have prepared him land on a busy Florida freeway.

When news of the crash first reached family and friends, "It sounded so dire at first."

Jane Davis works with Robertson's mom Julie Coelho at East Oahu Realty and she's gotten to know the pilot everyone calls Sam.

"He came here when he was ten and he just left in 2005 did take his flight training here over at lagoon drive. He's just a boy who grew up here." says Davis.

And his local flight training is credited with saving lives.

Davis learned, "He placed a MAYDAY call and fortunately he was able to land the plane on the he freeway in a place where there were no cars and no one was hurt. "

Except the pilot who survived and who's recovering from serious injuries including broken bones, head and internal injuries.

"It's a remarkable story and I"m hoping and praying for the best," concludes Davis.

A Fort Lauderdale police spokesman says officers will likely interview Sam when he improves to learn more about how he managed to avoid crashing into the middle of that busy freeway.

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