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Pearl City Girl with Cancer Needs Your Help

Rachel Kim Rachel Kim
Steven Kim Steven Kim

By Leland Kim

PEARL CITY (KHNL) -- A ten-year-old girl is battling a rare form of cancer, and she needs your support. Rachel Kim was diagnosed with liver cancer last November. Surgery and chemotherapy have weakened her body, but with her family's love and your support, Rachel has a fighting chance.

In many ways, Rachel Kim is a typical local girl. She loves horses, shave ice, and swimming at the local pool.

But she's also battling a rare form of liver cancer. Doctors operated on her last year.

"I've never been in surgery before," said Rachel Kim. "It was scary, especially for my mom and dad."

"I was scared to death," said her dad Steven. "You go through so many mixed emotions: the anger. Why?"

Doctors removed two-third of Rachel's liver. Her dad waited outside the operating room during surgery.

"I wanted my baby," he said, holding back tears. "It was tough."

She is undergoing chemotherapy, which has weakened her body.

"I can't go swimming anymore like I used to," said Rachel Kim. "I can't eat well so I have feedings at night. I can't exercise too much because I get tired too fast."

Besides the emotional toll, Rachel's cancer has taken a financial toll on her family. That's why they're having a fundraiser this Sunday afternoon at Pipeline Café. Rachel hopes lots of people show up.

"It would make me very happy and I would appreciate it a lot," she said.

Her dad Steven can't wait for the day when Rachel's cancer free.

"I just pray that she will have a good, full life, go back to swimming," he said. "She was a fish in the pool. She's a good swimmer."

"I can cuddle with her the rest of our lives," he added. "Whichever way it goes, but I will not take anything for granted again."

To find out more about the event or to make a donation, click on the "Friends of Rachel Kim" link on this page.

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