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State Says It's Actively Investigating Non-Compliant Sex Offenders

Kelly Rosati Kelly Rosati

By Minna Sugimoto

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's supposed to tell you if a convicted rapist or child molester is living in your neighborhood. But hundreds of people on the Hawaii sex offender registry are considered non-compliant as far as meeting registration requirements.

Kelly Rosati has four young children and uses Hawaii's sex offender registry as a tool to keep her kids safe.

"If you look at the number of hits the registry receives, that will tell you that this is an incredibly important tool to the parents of this community," she said.

But how accurate is this information?

As KHNL News 8 reported earlier this week, Kalihi residents had no idea a convicted sex offender moved into their neighborhood nine months ago. The registry still has Robert Carton's home address as Renton Road in Ewa Beach.

"It's discouraging," Rosati said. "It's very discouraging."

According to the website, 671 convicted sex offenders haven't verified their information, or haven't registered. The state says the number fluctuates, and that there are different reasons why people aren't in compliance.

"They do also include people who may have been deported or in the interim deceased or otherwise moved out of state," Susan Won, deputy attorney general, said.

Officers are actively investigating why these offenders aren't following the rules. So far this year, the state says it successfully prosecuted 13 people for failure to register, and got arrest warrants for 18 others.

"Currently, we have only two-and-a-half investigators, two full-time investigators, one half-time investigators, who go through this list and try to make these people current," Won said.

"I hope that the agencies and everyone involved will be able to get the resources they need to make sure the registry is running the way that everyone intended," Rosati said.

The state says its officers investigated 221 cases involving the sex offender registry last year.

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