Environmentalists In The Making

Julian Ramos
Julian Ramos
Mikayla Feazell
Mikayla Feazell

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- When it comes to recycling, you'll be surprised to find out that sometimes it's your kids who take the lead. At Friday's "Discover Recycling Fair."

More than 5,000 kids have visited the recycling fair so far. They seem pretty excited about helping the environment out.

Some girls think worms are gross. Not Mikayla Feazell -- Waikiki Worms is her favorite exhibit. But, she doesn't think mom will go for it.

"She's going to say no," said 9-year-old Mikayla through a smile.

Of all the exhibits, kids we talked to seem to like Waikiki Worms and the Reverse Vending Machines best.

The Reverse Vending Machine kept 10-year-old Julian Ramos busy. He says he's going to have a talk with his mom when he gets home.

"Mom, don't throw away the bottles, give it to me. And then, me and my dad will give it to a HI-5 something," said Ramos.

They're having lots of fun, but these youngsters understand what recycling is.

"You find things that you don't need anymore, but you want to reuse it so you put it in the recycling bin and it gets made into something new," said Mikayla.

And, they understand why it's so important.

"Because we are such a small island and we have such a small space. Landfills get so big when people don't recycle," she adds.

"And so the land doesn't get filled with trash," said Ramos.

Exhibitors hope the message makes its way home.

"In a funny way they're kind of taking the lead in bringing the family towards being a little more green and recycling," said Bruce Iverson of Reynolds Recycling.