Woman from Maui Arrested For Bomb Scare

Star Simpson
Star Simpson

BOSTON (KHNL) - Was it an art project or a fake bomb? An MIT student from Maui was arrested Friday at Boston's airport while wearing a computer circuit board with wire and lights, has now been released on bail.

19-year-old Star Simpson, who is from Kihei and studying now in Massachusetts, pled not guilty at her arraignment on charges of disturbing the peace and possessing a hoax device.

Simpson is a sophomore at MIT. Police displayed the black hooded sweat shirt at a press conference.

A police commander says Simpson told officers that it was a "piece of art," and that she wanted to display it.

She told police she'd gone to the airport to greet someone arriving on a flight from Oakland. Officials verified that someone by that name had arrived.

Police say Simpson is upset about being in custody, but they say she was rational and answered all of their questions. Her pre-trial hearing is set for October 29.