Maui Police Conduct Operation to Catch Speeders

MAUI (KHNL) - The Maui Police Department conducted a two-hour saturation enforcement effort called "Operation Speed Checkup" Thursday to cite motorists for speeding and reckless driving.

Eight unmarked cars and one marked police car were strategically located on Haleakala Highway between N. Firebreak Road and Haliimaile junction.

By the end of the operation, police issued eight speeding citations and made three arrests.

One man was arrested for allowing an unlicensed driver operate a car and for having an open container of liquor in the car.  Another driver was arrested for driving without a license.

The Dispatch supervisor relayed information that a few people called to thank the officers for what they were doing.

"Motorists were flashing their lights at oncoming vehicles to warn others about the officers ahead," said Lt. R. Hill, Commander of the Maui Police Department Traffic Section.  "Since the scope of the operation was limited to the Mauka bound lanes, the warnings were for naught since those lanes were not affected."

Operations similar to this will continue at unannounced times and locations.