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Free Tutoring for Public School Students

Suzie Martinson Suzie Martinson
Brett Seitman Brett Seitman

By Angela Keen

(KHNL) - Students at more than 85 schools across the state qualify for free tutoring but many of the families don't know the help is available. It is all part of the "No Child Left Behind" act. More than $5 million dollars in federal funds has been designated for the free tutoring programs at Hawaii's public schools.

Programs like "It's All About Kids" not only tutors the students after school, it rewards them with parties and prizes for participating. Students who just completed the tutoring program celebrated at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. One education coach says it is life changing for many of the kids.

"I remember having a boy who was in kindergarten and did not speak english but he could communicate a little bit and he was doing language arts and by the end of the 19 hours he was able to do the work", said tutor coach Suzie Martinson.

Brett Seitman the president and CEO of "It's All About Kids" said, "We really feel that we are helping families by educating students and creating parental involvement to get the best possible student learning outcomes."

It is estimated more than 40,000 kids in Hawaii are eligible for the free tutoring, but only a small fraction utilize it. You can check with your school to find out if your child qualifies.

For more information on "It's All About Kids", go to or call 487-KIDS (5437).

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