Pig Trial Ends With Jury Split -- 9 Guilty, 1 Not Guilty, 2 Undecided

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The trial for a man accused of killing a pet pig in Mililani ends with a hung jury. After two days of deliberations, an Oahu jury tells the judge it's unable to reach a verdict.

When the judge first asked the jury foreperson the standard question of whether further deliberations would help, the foreperson replied, "I'm not sure." Unsatisfied with that answer, the judge ordered the panel back into the deliberations room.

A short time later, jurors returned, still hopelessly deadlocked.

Joseph Calarruda is charged with theft of livestock. Prosecutors say he went to a private farm in Mililani last October, and killed six-year-old Porky, the farm manager's pet.

The defendant maintains he was with his girlfriend in Waianae that night, and doesn't even know where Mililani is. During the trial, another man testified he killed the pig, not Calarruda.

"The jury is unable to reach a verdict, a unanimous verdict in the case," Richard Pollack, Circuit judge, said. "And therefore, due to manifest necessity, the court will declare a mistrial, and the court will dismiss the jurors at this time."

Jurors told the judge they've been deadlocked since Wednesday. They had no comment for the media as they left the courthouse.

But one juror, who spoke to KHNL News 8 on the condition of anonymity, provided the breakdown. The person says nine of the 12 jurors believe Calarruda is guilty. One voted not guilty, and two were undecided.

A new trial is scheduled to begin in December.