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Best Places to Work in Hawaii

David Tumilowicz David Tumilowicz

(KHNL) - Is your company one of the best places to work in Hawaii? A program with that name aims to find out.  Here to tell us how, is Hawaii Business Publisher, David Tumilowicz.

KRISTEN:  David, thanks for joining us.  What is the idea behind this program?

DAVID:  The Best Places to Work started three years ago, it's a way to recognize Hawaii's top employers.  Of course everybody wants to know where they should be working and this is just a great way to find out.

KRISTEN:  How does it work?

DAVID:  It's really simple, Kristen.   Companies simply come to fill out a sign up form.

KRISTEN:  Which companies made the most recent list?

DAVID:  The top two companies for 2006-2007 which we reported in the April issue of Hawaii Business magazine are Maryl Group, a design-built contractor and Grant Thornton, a CPA firm.

KRISTEN:  Wow, now we can always find out about a job, we can find out how much we can get paid, we can find out about duties and benefits and other perks but how can you really find if a company is a good place to work, how can you find out how morale is and employee happiness?

DAVID:  That's right.  There hasn't typically been a lot of transparencies.  You apply for a job and then you start to work for that company and hopefully you find yourself in a great work environment.  So the idea behind this program is to be able to shed some light on who the best companies were, some of the different HR policies and practices that they use to create a great working environment.

KRISTEN:  Is it okay to email or talk to people who already work there?

DAVID:  Well, I suggest that anyone who's gonna make a commitment to spend probably 80% of their waking hours working for a company do any kind of research they can to find out.

KRISTEN:  Hopefully not 80% (laughing).  Now which company is eligible for this program?

DAVID:  Any company in Hawaii, for profit or non-profit companies of 25 employees or more are eligible to participate in Best Places to Work.

KRISTEN:  Okay, so 25 employees or more and when is the deadline to sign up?

DAVID:  The deadline to sign up is September 21.  Just come to, fill out the paper work to sign up.  And I'm thrilled to let you know this year, over 140 companies have signed up so far to participate in Best Places to Work.  We have terrific participation across all islands, Kauai,  Big Island, Maui and here on Oahu of course and companies in all industry sectors so we're talking about retailers, banks, construction companies, just a terrific participation.

KRISTEN:  Media outlets, maybe?

DAVID:  Well, we would like to see you guys involved.

KRISTEN:  Alright, thanks a lot David for joining us.  The deadline to register is Friday, September 21.  And we have good news, the program is free.

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