Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, or the cabbage patch, or the apple grove, comes word that perhaps we, as a nation, simply aren't being vigilant enough about inspecting our produce.  Sure, spinach is a great leafy green, but not if it's tainted with animal E.coli bacteria.  And salmonella's not some guy from New Jersey, but rather it's a nasty bacteria that you simply don't want in your tossed salad.

Many guidelines here and elsewhere are voluntary, and most inspections come after a problem has been reported, a bit too late for the victims.  So while we worry about tainted toys and other products from abroad due to a lack of standards and mandatory measures, here's what you can do with your foodstuffs.  Wash 'em, scrub 'em, take extra time each and every day, especially with leafy vegetables and other edibles with lots of nooks and crannies.  Fruit, vegetables, legumes, fungi---whatever; a little extra sink time could save you big time.

This is not to suggest at all that any produce producers are skirting the safety issues and the suggested guidelines.  But, as usual, forewarned is forearmed, E.coli happens, and you can help protect your family by really washing up.  Sink about it.